MAKESAFE™ AUSTRALIA are committed to their core belief of DESIGN-INNOVATE-CREATE. Just like the brand MAKESAFE™ which believe in developing products that help remove the risks that may lead to physical harm in our homes and workplaces.

MAKESAFE™ AUSTRALIA also believe that such products should be unobtrusive, simple to use and provide a number of different applications to provide the most amount of benefit to our customers.
DETECTSAFE™ is the only Wireless Monitoring Camera of its kind in the World today. DETECTSAFE™’s ability to enter building structures as well being used externally allows you to monitor THE THINGS YOU LOVE THE MOST.

Not all intruders use a window or a door and not all are human. DetectSafe™’s Patented Design gives the user the ability through any smart device to see into ceilings and confined spaces safely. Once installed DetectSafe™ can alert to any potential threats that may lay within those structures being either human, pest or otherwise in real time.
DETECTSAFE™ tells “YOU WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW “ in real time on any smart device anywhere in the World.

BAITSAFE® can deliver discreetly into building structures products ranging from monitoring blocks, active baits, pasta baits, foam baits and tracking powder for rats and mice, to pheromone strips, gels, liquids and more for insects.

Some of the pests that BAITSAFE® can help treat within building structures are:
Cluster Flyies( Cluster inside walls and Roof voids ) Cockroaches, Spiders, Ants and crawling insects Bedbugs, Scorpions, Rodents and more...

BAITSAFE® has been installed in a number of high profile locations across Australia, Europe and America including five star hotels, leisure venues and flagship food retailers, Universities, Schools, Homes, Apartment Blocks and a whole lot more.

BAITSAFE® gives instant access to safely inspect, monitor and treat and is 100% lockable.

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